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My Journey

If anyone wondering who I am.....this is Vyshnavi pursuing Civil engineering at SVCE, Tirupati....😊

I started my artistic journey when I was 9 years old....👧🏻

Mother is the first and the best teacher to her child and the same happened with me..🥰

My mother was my inspiration to start my career as an artist and It all started when my mom drew a girl looking towards the sky and rhyming 'TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR "🌟...

At that moment I felt to draw the same as my mom did😅 and that was my first art.

My dad provided me with all equipment required for an artist to recognize talent in me 😍.

My bestie stood by my side when I was low .and their support made me unstoppable towards art....❤️




Later, I continued to draw more such cartoon arts...., in the initial days I was not so much perfect but it used to give me a lot of satisfaction and inspiration to draw more.

No one will be perfect at the first time itself, everything need practice and that's what improvises our talent and now I am improved in a way where I can draw cartoon arts,  portraits, acrylic painting, pencil shading, oil pastels, and many more.....

I shaped out better one compared to my early career as an artist and I am very thankful to God for giving me such talent.




My message to all the beginners is to start your art with whatever comes from your imagination, learn the basics and don't compare with others, compare with yourself and find your best version

Thanking you all☺️.





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