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Hey!! I am Manasa. I am an artist. As a young girl, I doodled on every empty spot on whatever paper I could get my hands on. I achieved Indian world records, Miracles world records, and the Telugu book of records in 2012. Ever since I was a child, my number one passion in life is art. Art is in my blood so to speak. My mother had a strong passion for art, and she passed down that wonderful gift to me. I kept that passion alive and running all the way to my adulthood. My passion for art even grew larger with the encouragement of my middle school and high school art teachers. I love learning new mediums like to use when I create my works are charcoal, graphite, pastel oil, and gouache. I like creating abstract, still life, loose and messy styles of artwork. I like hearing about the rich histories and stories of many different famous artists and each artwork that happened during the past and all way to the present. Many people use to tell me to focus on my studies this is the age to study, my mom supported me a lot at that time she raised me differently not like other girls she used to tell me the real ornament of you is your success because no one can steal from you and after so much of practice and dedication I made my first record in which I made largest collage portrait of Mother Teresa (9×6ft) I completed within 24hrs.

This is my favorite line it says "A parrot talks too much but can't fly high. but, an eagle is silent and has the power to touch the sky. In life, become an eagle, not a parrot.

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